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Zack Mantri was born on a freighter while crossing from Europe to the United States. Therefore, he considers himself a citizen of the Atlantic.

Formerly he claimed to be a citizen of Atlantis, but lately people began to assume he was born in the much advertised gambling casino in the Bahamas. Indeed, he was asked one too many times if he was born closer to "slots or craps," so he officially switched the name of his birth place to, "The Atlantic Ocean."

Zack has been writing all of his life. He is a born writer. He is a determined writer. Once he ran out of typewriter ribbon and the fire department had to force him out of a neighbor's 100 foot oak tree. They finally got him down, however it took the simultaneous operation of two high pressure water cannons.

Mr. Mantri discovered sex at a very young age. Shortly afterward he began his "Zack in the Sack" series which, to the dismay of his wife, now fills all three closets of their home. His published e-books are part of an extraordinary effort to make room for at least a few shirts and his classic Red Marble bowling ball; also to finally bring forth the best of his awesome series to the public.

Zack continues his wild eyed writing to this day. That is, when he is not otherwise involved in his moonlight hobby as a caped crusader on the streets of New York City.

As he sprints full-force through urban areas of the city in his crusader role, luckily Zack's not black; so he goes on living to publish his tales.

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A story by Zack Mantri.

Pent up desires bubble to the surface as the young women of an entire neighborhood, comes of age, all at once.

From the author of Wives of my Father, Zack Mantri; this collection of short stories include four of his hottest, heretofore unpublished, works in a single adventurous e-book.

Coming Soon

A story by Zack Mantri.

After decades of intensive research, science arrives at a grand formulation. The new FSM (Female Sexual Magnetism) scale is used as a baseline for the study of sexual human behavior. Then along came Sandra Coil who single-handedly blew top off the FSM scale and caused major disruptions in the field for years to come.

This is her story.

Wives of my Father

A compilation of three stories written by Zack Mantri, and edited by Sarah Matalas.

Shortly after Markie's Dad married wife #3, he disappeared during a photojournalism assignment and was never heard from again. As a result, Markie Bender is faced with the challenge of taking care of his father's three 20-something ex-wives.

These are the stories of Markie's magic summer between high school and college during which time, each stepmother would give him valuable lessons about understanding women in the most intimate way possible.

SPECIAL: This ebook now includes free Wives of my Father audiobook. CLICK FOR SAMPLE

SPECIAL: This ebook now includes free Wives of my Father audiobook.


Wives of my Father - Now available on Amazon - http://amzn.com/B015GPQE9Y

A compilation of three stories written by Zack Mantri, and edited by Sarah Matalas of Serafina Editing & Publishing. Audiobook voice actors: Joseph Maas and Jessica Randie.

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