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Trading Alaska, Fur Traders

First of the three part series, Trading Alaska, Fur Traders is written by Alva Applegate, and edited by Sarah Matalas.

Ambitious young author, Ethan Forrester, travels north to investigate rumors about a highly unusual and extremely remote community. Stories include descriptions of community of people that have eliminated all inhibitions and every trace of interpersonal conflict, and the women far outnumber the men.

After a long journey, Ethan discovers the town of Trading, Alaska in the wilds of the far north that fit all the rumors and more. It is a town that is full of odd, interesting, and strangely uninhibited people. He soon realizes that the male/female ratio is radically out of balance, and then it dawns on Ethan that he may have actually found the legendary town.

In the style of Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume, Skinny Legs and All, and Richard Brautigan, The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster, Trout Fishing in America. Alva Applegate, weaves a tale of discovery, intrigue, confounding visions, with a town of Northern Exposure-like characters that are as sexually liberated as possible while still possessing the ability to maintain the barest of threads in the civilized world.

From erotic to hilarious, and at times perplexingly romantic, this is one unique entry in the world of entertainment literature that should not be missed.

-- New Vista Reviews

Wives of My Father

Destined to be one of tomorrow's hottest erotic classics.

It's one very busy and very hot summer for Markie; a young man between high school and college. When his father disappears during his Canadian trek as a wildlife photographer, and leaves his 18-year-old son to take care of everything, What's a step son to do? His three knock-out-gorgeous, 20 something year-old ex-wives still need a man around the house, so Markie finds himself with a great load of responsibilities and extra chores: mowing lawns, repairing gutters and, well, taking care of all of the other needs of his three stepmoms. But all is not just work and toil for Markie, at least his stepmoms are kind enough to take care of his needs too, and for the most part, in ways that are beyond his wildest dreams.

While probably not appropriate for a "What I Did Last Summer" school report, this collection of three short stories (one for each of Markie's stepmoms, and his memorable intimate encounters with each of them) makes Wives of My Father one of the most richly entertaining reads with your favorite Kindle or other tablet reading device. As long as you can keep your glasses from steaming up, you'll do fine.

Guys, if ever you've had fantasies of have a scorching hot, young stepmom, then read Wives of My Father and multiply that fantasy by three.

-- New Vista Reviews

Frank Knox and the Surrogate Sister

In the style of Kurt Vonnegut, Sirens of Titan, Breakfast of Champions, and Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Another Roadside Attraction, Joseph Maas manages to spin up a tale with a set of memorable characters and laugh out loud situations that are at times heroic and romantic, if not out 'n out erotic.

In this highly entertaining excursion into the whimsical side of USA's midwest, Frank Knox is the awkward and mysterious protagonist noted only for his remarkably bad sense of humor. He is also an ace sales leader at the local Mercedes Pre-Owned dealership. However, as his surrogate sister, Juliet soon discovers while snooping through Frank's closet one day, he is a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner. And as his scrapbook reveals, her patient has also collected an array of other national accolades that no used-car salesman, or any average guy named Frank, should ever possess.

Can the drop-dead sexy Juliet help Frank to overcome his estrangement with his real sister? The romantic, erotic and downright hilarious twists and turns that lead Frank Knox up to that point—along with the jaw-dropping climax of the story—is sure to keep you in stitches, turned-on and flipping the pages for more.

-- New Vista Reviews

Sar Sarah

"During the Second Age of Reason, a world view is universally shattered by a series of extraordinary events."

Be among the first to peek inside this extraordinary leap of civilization and culture for which we may all be headed.

-- New Vista Reviews