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New Release by Joseph Maas

Frank Knox and the Surrogate Sister

First of a series of Frank Knox books, written by Joseph Maas, and edited by Sarah Matalas

Frank Knox is an awkward used car salesman that is happy to spend all of his social hours alone with his pet fish or working out in his condo. Then one evening he decides to go out to the local bar, Brassie's. There he bumps into an old friend and his new wife who is familiar with a leading edge, breakthrough therapy that may be the perfect solution for Frank.

During Frank's therapy, his surrogate sister discovers that her patient is either the strangest person alive or a super hero in disguise, or both.

Grace flipped and flipped the channel selector, but it was true, there was just nothing on the television. “Sheesh! Well Frank it’s Saturday night. Maybe we should just go bowling or something.” Grace knew her surrogate partner’s real name, but for therapy sake she thought she should address him by her brother’s name.

Thomas reached over and surrounded her hand with his. The warmth of his palm was reassuring. He pressed the OFF button on the remote and laid it to one side.

The TV winked off.

He touched her chin with his fingertip and easily turned her face toward his, and warmly smiled as he looked into her eyes. “Or maybe we should just stay home tonight, and talk.”  
She looked at him, but only from the corner of her eye. “Ah, sure. Okay. Uh. Want to go to the kitchen and sit at the table, or something?” Her voice trailed off as she noticed the change in his tone.
She waited for a second, and then nervously shifted her eyes, to his.

“No. Right here is fine.” He slowly brushed a few strands of her hair away from her face.
Thomas sank into the couch, laid his head back and smiled at her again. He moved his arms to each side, giving her a signal that he was open and ready for her embrace. His mannerism was one of comfort and a deep sense of knowing.

He let his words slide gently from his lips to her ears. “Grace, did I ever tell you how beautiful you are, and how much your name suits you?”

She shot him another anxious glance. Then she stared straight ahead at the dark television screen. “No. I don’t think you’ve, uh…no.”

“Well, it’s true, and please know this—it’s always been true for me.” Thomas unfastened the top buttons of his shirt. He reached for her hand, wrapped his fingers around her wrist and brought her open palm to his chest.

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