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Wives of my Father, Sarah

Upon his Dad's departure, 18-year-old Markie is forced to take care of his three stepmothers' needs. During the long hot summer between high school and college, Markie's three, hot, young, 20 something stepmoms returned the favor and started taking care of his needs too.

Sarah, the second of Markie's three step mothers, had an emergency one day, when her breast pump broke. She had no other choice than to make use of her stepson's willingness to help. And help he did. As usual, she would find a way to return the favor, and in this case, in a way that Markie could have never possibly imagined.

Written by Zack Mantri
Narrated by Joseph Maas
Edited by Sarah Matalas, Serafina Editing & Publishing
The part of Sarah is read by Jessica Randie
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