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New Release by Alva Applegate

Trading Alaska, Fur Traders

First of the three part series, Trading, Alaska, written by Alva Applegate, and edited by Sarah Matalas.

Ambitious young author, Ethan Forrester, travels north to investigate rumors about an unusual, remote community. Stories include descriptions of community of people that have eliminated all inhibitions and every trace of interpersonal conflict, and the women far outnumber the men.

After a long journey, Ethan discovers the town of Trading, Alaska in the wilds of the far north that fit all the rumors and more. It is a town that is full of odd, interesting, and strangely uninhibited people. He soon realizes that the male/female ratio is radically out of balance, and then it dawns on Ethan that he may have actually found the legendary town.

Could this be a genuine Shanghai-La, Northern Alaskan style?

Excerpt: She also noticed something different in his eyes. It was obvious that Henry was admiring her with that certain roving-eye aspect of lusty admiration. She had been noticing that kind of thing more and more lately, especially since she turned 18. Of course, any guy in that situation would have admired her in that way. After all, Becky was a stunner of a young lady who radiated pure, young and sexy goodness.

Ever since their first experience together—shortly after she turned 18—Becky eagerly anticipated her second night at the Ireland’s. This particular evening had been on the Pilot Program calendar for weeks, and now that magic second night had finally arrived for Becky—she was dressed, prepped, and ready.

Allison noticed that Henry and Becky were just standing there in the living room, smiling at one another. A certain seductive quality was in the air. So she decided it was a good time to scoot off to the 50s theme party at King’s Hall.

”Well, you two be good to each other and have fun. I’ll be off now, and I’ll be back around noon or so, tomorrow.”