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Alva Applegate lives in Southern California with husband, two cats and a turtle. The turtle–code-named, Frank–is kept on display in a large glass terrarium, specifically to drive the two cats crazy.

Alva grew up on a sugar beet farm in Mississippi. It was a plantation maintained in the old days by workers from the West Africa (slaves.) However, in more modern times the plantation is maintained by a steady stream of migrant workers from Mexico (slaves.)

In her college years, Alva majored in classic literature and sports medicine. She graduated–actually was tossed out–from a major university in the Mid-west that, out of courtesy, we will not mention here (University of Kansas.) Apparently the university had a problem with Miss Applegate injecting sexual innuendo into all of her work, including her scholastic projects that took place within the university's sports medicine lab.

For the past 15 years, Alva has been employed for one of the major gossip magazines (pick one) based in the Los Angeles area, but now she prefers writing fiction shorts and novels. Although Alva's material promoted on New Vista Publishing are 100% fiction, she says these stories are considerably more reality-based than  regular written work she authors for her day job.

What's Alva's primary goal in all of her written work? Here's her official statement:

"WE TAKE OURSELVES TO F*&^%S SERIOUSLY! Let's put the fun back into life, sex, and reading about both! Sheesh!"

Trading Alaska, Fur Traders

First of the three part series, Trading, Alaska, written by Alva Applegate, and edited by Sarah Matalas.

Ambitious young author, Ethan Forrester, travels north to investigate rumors about an unusual, remote community. Stories include descriptions of community of people that have eliminated all inhibitions and every trace of interpersonal conflict, and the women far outnumber the men.

After a long journey, Ethan discovers the town of Trading, Alaska in the wilds of the far north that fit all the rumors and more. It is a town that is full of odd, interesting, and strangely uninhibited people. He soon realizes that the male/female ratio is radically out of balance, and then it dawns on Ethan that he may have actually found the legendary town.

Could this be a genuine Shanghai-La, Northern Alaskan style?

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SPECIAL: This ebook now includes free Wives of my Father audiobook.


Coming Soon

Second of the three part series, Trading, Alaska, by Alva Applegate.

After extensive testing and experimentation, Doctor Rita Osho determines that the newcomer's body is able to produce unique, biochemically perfect, life-extending compounds. So unique that if certain byproducts of love making are absorbed through the skin, his partners become endowed with perfect physical symmetry and remarkably prolonged youth.

His social interactions with the community of Trading take on an entirely different dimension.

Could Ethan Forrester actually be a living, breathing, Fountain of Youth?

Coming Soon

Third of the three part series, Trading, Alaska, by Alva Applegate.

Ethan finds the love of his life, and discovers that she can also produce fluid that contains the same super-enzyme as his. Together, they form a sexual singularity, the height of which breaks all barriers, socially and physically.

They soon climb the ladder of intense emotional and physical joining with the entire community.

Do Ethan and his lover represent the next step on the path of human evolution?


COMING OCTOBER 2015 – Brad's stepsister Barbara invites her older friend Zelda to spend the weekend at the family's estate. Brad's fetish for exotic women's undergarments compels him to "borrow" a some of Zelda's things while she is away at the movies with Barbara. However, they return early to find Brad in an embarrassing situation. Zelda ends up punishing both Brad and his sister, giving them exactly what they deserve; and also something they've always secretly wanted.

COMING DECEMBER 2015 – Sexual surrogacy, a.k.a. surrogate partner therapy has been legal in the U.S. since 2003. Twelve years later a whole new generation of sexual surrogates are graduating from specialized schools and university training courses across the country. Elizabeth Lacey Flint is one such fresh professional who brings her own creativity and innovative twists to the field. Within her first year, she becomes a respected pioneer who can rid any man of hangups and fears of intimacy, literally overnight.

COMING DECEMBER 2015 – Christine has always been a sensuous soul. She just had no idea of her own sexual power, especially over men.

Her lifelong ambition was to be the best, most highly credentialed high school teacher in her home town. Then everything goes wrong, not because of anything she does, but because of the way she IS. Her mannerisms rich with sexy, sensuality cause her to lose the career she most desired. Christine then turns the tables on the entire community by demonstrating what the power of sex can actually do.