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Newest Releases

Frank Knox and the Surrogate Sister

First of a series of Frank Knox books, written by Joseph Maas, and edited by Sarah Matalas.

Frank Knox is an awkward used car salesman that is happy to spend all of his social hours alone with his pet fish or working out in his condo. Then one evening he decides to go out to the local bar, Brassie's. There he bumps into an old friend and his new wife who is familiar with a leading edge, breakthrough therapy that may be the perfect solution for Frank!

During Frank's therapy, his surrogate sister discovers that her patient is either the strangest person alive or a super hero in disguise, or both.

Five Fantastic Fables for a Fractured World

Written by Joseph Maas, and edited by Sarah Matalas, this compilation book includes five unusual short stories that give insight into the strange house of mirrors that is the mind of Joseph Maas, author of Trading Alaska and the Frank Knox detective series.


Plus 5 Bonus Preview Chapters

Five Sar Sarah preview chapters are included in this yet to be released SciFi romance epic:

"During the Second Age of Reason, a world view is universally shattered by a series of extraordinary events."

Be among the first to peek inside this extraordinary leap of civilization and culture for which we may all be headed.

-- New Vista Reviews